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Wake n’ Bacon

Have you ever had a hard time getting up in the morning? I know I have!

Well Matty Sallin, Daniel Bartolini and Hsiao-huh Hsu have come together to develop the best alarm clock idea that I have seen in recent history.

This clock begins cooking bacon a few minutes before you have set your alarm to go off. Once the cooking begins, the fabulous scent of cooking bacon wafts out of this piglet’s nose and into yours. (You have to insert frozen bacon the night before).

I’m all for the concept, but let me know when it comes to market with a hash brown and fried egg attachment!

Bacon Alarm Clock you have made the grade!


“Made the Grade” has… made the grade!

And so it begins!

After years of being an internet “troll” I think I finally have something to say! It is my pledge to myself and to you that I will update this site at least 3 times a week with things that have “Made the Grade”.

What does that mean? It means that things that catch my attention, make me go “aww” (which was another option for a blog name), or things that I have done (art, baking, photography etc) that I am particularly proud of will be shared here.

For years I’ve had a deviantart account, but it has fallen out of my favour, having become such a large community it doesn’t really feel the same way it used to. On to new audiences that may actually be interested in what I think!

Then again, you may not be. Either way, I hope you enjoy!