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Vancouver Olympics – Day 7

I went out this morning to meet my friend Jesse whom I realized later that I’ve known for 12 years! Our goal was to see a couple of pavilions and catch up. It’s been a long time since we’ve had the chance to visit.

My bus was super late but I still managed to arrive at the Main St. Skytrain Station before him. Jesse told me later that their train was having a problem with their doors not closing properly, so a lot of manual intervention was required by Skytrain staff.

While I was waiting I visited the Starbucks at the station and treated myself to a Vanilla Bean Frappachino.

Once he arrived, we headed to the Saskatchewan Pavilion, only to be told it wouldn’t open for another hour! This was very surprising as it was already 10:00am and most of the pavilions downtown opened at early as 9:00am. We backtracked a bit and sat down on some park benches and chatted for an hour.

We discovered that someone, or a group of people I suppose, had gone down to the shore and made HUNDREDS of little inuksuit with the rocks there! It was a mamoth undertaking and just awe inspiring at the sheer number of them.

When we got up to head back and saw the line-up to get in, we kicked ourselves for not standing in line earlier.

When we got inside we discovered the venue was very small, though they had a separate building for food and live music. We had a bit of a laugh as they were showcasing lentils. Yes. Lentils. Did you know that Canada is the largest export producer of lentils in the world and Saskatchewan is the most important producing region in Canada?

And canola oil. Did I mention the oil? It seemed a bit silly, and set up a bit like a high school science fair.

I picked up a few postcards based on Saskatchewan art which were available and we stood in line to have our pictures taken on a green screen with scenes of Saskatchewan.

I chose to get a wheat field background and Jesse chose to have mounties.

The irony of this was that when we went out of the dome, there were 2 mounties there standing and doing pictures with people! Ah well…

We poked our head into the food/bar/music building and were sorely tempted to have food. I spotted perogies and immediately wanted some, but it was $8 for just 6 small perogies! We said “screw that” to the price and left the pavilion to go over to Maison du Quebec (aka the Quebec Pavilion… “House of Quebec” if you want literal translation). Before getting there, we had to walk by the Molson Pavilion, which was closed at this point, but I liked the way they made the entrance look almost like a Canadian flag.

Quebec House was a very rectangular, very plain structure with no roof. However, the walls were supremely high and this managed to block out the sun, making it very cold. There wasn’t much here but a stage and a to get food. We also managed to get free scarves! They helped a little with a chill.

Once inside, we found out they were giving away free scarves! We both had to have one, so we traded spots in line to get one (you weren’t permitted to take more than one).

Half way through the line, we discovered that if you wanted to sit, you could take a table and a waiter would bring the food TO you. We managed to snag a table and the waiter took our order. Jesse had a cheese plate and a coffee and I had a tourtiere with salad and a coke. Tourtiere (said “tor-tee-airh”) is a type of meat pie. It was all over priced but we wanted to sit and wait for the performers to come on stage.

Also, their forks were wood! That was pretty cool…

We were quite happy to find out the first performer was a folk singer! Jesse and I both thoroughly enjoy this type of music. The artist’s name was Alexandre Poulin and he kept apologizing for his poor English, but he was a very good singer.

Following his performance was a short demonstration by 7 Doigts de la Main (aka The 7 Fingers) which is a contemporary circus group.

It was interesting, but Jesse and I both though that this particular performance had a bit of a homoerotic feel about it. However, both thinking back to French film we’ve seen, we didn’t find this particularly surprising.

There was supposed to be a free sampling of maple syrup toffee or something like that, but we didn’t see it becoming available, and we’d finished our food, so we decided to head home.

As perogies were still on our brains, we stopped to get dinner supplies (we decided I’d be coming over to visit instead of heading back to my grandparents) and wound up going to the same Save-On-Foods I’d been to the day before. After gathering our cooking things, we popped into the Crystal Mall, which is right across the street, for bubble tea. I got a watermelon slush and Jesse got a taro milk tea with coconut jelly. We then took the bus to his house with our supplies.

When we got there, his wife Demia was out with his cousin (who’s name escapes me, but I’d met her once before) but they returned about 30 minutes after we did. The girls chatted away and watched Family guy as Jesse and I made dinner.

It was a nice evening, and a good way to follow up my super relaxed day the day before. Demia and Jesse drove me back to my grandparents at around 9:30pm. I wanted to get lots of sleep because it would be a busy day tomorrow: I was going to see a movie with Grandma, meet Mr. A and then do some wandering around Vancouver.


Strawberry Cookies

That’s right. Strawberry cookies. Not cookies that taste like strawberries, but rather ones that look like them.

Last week I was making sugar cookies with my friend Tally, and I started using a strawberry shaped cookie cutter my mother gave to me years ago. Honestly I hadn’t used it before, as I wasn’t thrilled with the stem pieces, but I found that if I cut off the tiny little point of a stem, they could be really cute!

I iced these myself and I hope to make plenty more. Tally has a blog about her craft exploits and I recommend you visit it!

Strawberry Sugar Cookies, you have made the grade!

Insanewiches are insane!

Today I found the most INTERESTING site. It specializes in bizzare and delicious sandwiches! I love me a good sandwich, but this teeters on the inedible!

There are some really interesting combos and creative ideas. Check them out! you have made the grade!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I hope you had a great holiday :) I’m struggling to get over a cold, but in the meantime, I’m going to look at cute food! This cupcake (and many more) found on Flickr, which, lets face it, has everything! The picture originates from Oven Haven.

What did you get for Christmas?

Christmas cupcakes, you have made the grade!

Wake n’ Bacon

Have you ever had a hard time getting up in the morning? I know I have!

Well Matty Sallin, Daniel Bartolini and Hsiao-huh Hsu have come together to develop the best alarm clock idea that I have seen in recent history.

This clock begins cooking bacon a few minutes before you have set your alarm to go off. Once the cooking begins, the fabulous scent of cooking bacon wafts out of this piglet’s nose and into yours. (You have to insert frozen bacon the night before).

I’m all for the concept, but let me know when it comes to market with a hash brown and fried egg attachment!

Bacon Alarm Clock you have made the grade!