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Strawberry Cookies

That’s right. Strawberry cookies. Not cookies that taste like strawberries, but rather ones that look like them.

Last week I was making sugar cookies with my friend Tally, and I started using a strawberry shaped cookie cutter my mother gave to me years ago. Honestly I hadn’t used it before, as I wasn’t thrilled with the stem pieces, but I found that if I cut off the tiny little point of a stem, they could be really cute!

I iced these myself and I hope to make plenty more. Tally has a blog about her craft exploits and I recommend you visit it!

Strawberry Sugar Cookies, you have made the grade!


New Years Resolution

Do you have a tough time making and keeping new years resolutions? I know I do. These blogs and my updating are my resolution to myself. However, it appears I am also supposed to grow basil. Honestly that may be easier.

Click the pic to have Minina’s generator make you a resolution too!

New Years Resolution Generator you have made the grade!

Na naaa na na na na-na na na…

My fever broke! And I’m up and running again! Happy New Year everyone!

For Christmas this year, I received Katamari Forever from my in-laws.

I LOVE the Katamari franchise, and to date I own every Katamari game except for the one for the PSP (which is the only reason I would consider owning a PSP) and the Xbox360 (which should be rectified by the end of the day today).

For those of you unfamiliar with this line of games, the premise is fairly simple for every game. You are The Prince, son of The King and Queen of the Cosmos. The King is all knowing, but all bumbling and all buck passing to you. Whenever any crisis arrives, it’s up to you to solve the problem using your Katamari rolling skills (a Katamari being the sticky ball you push around that collects items relative to the size of your Katamari).

Each game has a variation of the theme, and each level is challenging, whether it’s theme items you need to pick up, or avoid, or collect other cousins (which allow you to change your character that is rolling the Katamari) or pick up presents (which allow you to customize your character). The music is fresh, and decidedly Asian with it’s quirky rhythms, but they match perfectly with the laid-back nature of the game.

Usually the goal is to collect enough items to make it to X size with Y amount of time. The levels I’ve always hated most are the Bear or Cow levels in which you need to collect the largest bear or cow possible. The problem with that is, as soon as you roll over ANYTHING bear or cow related, your time stops and your level completes. They hide things around ALL OVER that are bear or cow related. I was recently foiled by a cow patterned traffic pylon. Deviousness!

The game is fun, quirky and wholly Japanese. The original was designed after a school project at the Namco Digital Hollywood Game Laboratory (a sponsor school for game development) and was developed for under $1Mil after the in-class project was discovered by Namco. For more information, take a look at the Katamari Damacy wiki.

Being not native to Earth, the King will frequently misinterpret the purpose of items or functions of Earth things, leaving you confused but delighted and laughing at the same time.

In any case, For the hours and hours of fun you have provided Katamari, you have definitely made the grade.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I hope you had a great holiday :) I’m struggling to get over a cold, but in the meantime, I’m going to look at cute food! This cupcake (and many more) found on Flickr, which, lets face it, has everything! The picture originates from Oven Haven.

What did you get for Christmas?

Christmas cupcakes, you have made the grade!

My Christmas Present

Oh man I WISH! :D This pup is TOO CUTE.

This little guy was featured on today’s Cute Overload post. I can’t tell you how impossibly pleased I’d be if I unwrapped him Christmas day :D

*moof* (the sound of me squishing my face into the pup’s soft fur around the shoulder/tummy area)

Christmas Pom puppy you have made the grade!

Cute Computer Companion

Sometimes I’m working away and putting my nose to the grind stone and I poke my head up in a dazed, cross-eyed fashion and I JUST WISH that I had something to cheer me up.
My prayers have been answered!

Meet the USB owl! It’s a cute robot that flutters, blinks and just acts cute in general.

I want the pink and the grey one! Buy one for me at ThinkGeek

Robot Owl you have made the grade!

The Dangers of Fabric Stores

I may not seem it, but I’m not as sewing obsessed as these posts may indicate. That said, walking into a fabric store is outrageously dangerous.

I’m in Vancouver visiting my family for the holidays and I’m spending the majority of my time at my grandparent’s house. My grandmother (whom I’m named after) and I get along amazingly well.

She’s an avid knitter and quilter. Today she had to travel to her favourite fabric store to pick up some thread for her latest project (an amazing fall coloured lap quilt).

I joined her on this forray and while we wandered around looking at the amazing choices for thread and patterend fabric, we decided that I should make an apron while I’m out visiting. It’s something I’ve been needing while I do all my baking this year.

While looking, we found this:

It is a fabric called “What A Hoot” by Camelot Cottons. Isn’t it adorable?

I did not end up choosing it as my fabric for my apron (which I may show off in future posts) but it certainly caught my attention.

“What a Hoot” you have made the grade!

Baby Reindeer Hat!

As my very first post, I want to post a link to someone’s tutorial for a baby reindeer hat!

Insanely cute is it not?
Her website is great! But a little confusing for us English speaking folk. However, the website IS translated for the most part into English (from Italian).
Take a poke around! Super great (and did I mention cute?) ideas that are pretty user friendly.
Baby Reindeer Hat you have made the grade!

“Made the Grade” has… made the grade!

And so it begins!

After years of being an internet “troll” I think I finally have something to say! It is my pledge to myself and to you that I will update this site at least 3 times a week with things that have “Made the Grade”.

What does that mean? It means that things that catch my attention, make me go “aww” (which was another option for a blog name), or things that I have done (art, baking, photography etc) that I am particularly proud of will be shared here.

For years I’ve had a deviantart account, but it has fallen out of my favour, having become such a large community it doesn’t really feel the same way it used to. On to new audiences that may actually be interested in what I think!

Then again, you may not be. Either way, I hope you enjoy!