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Vancouver Olympics – Day 3

Day 3 was another beautifully sunny day. I woke around 9:00am but OH MAN was I SORE! My feet and hips were absolutely killing me. It’d been a long time since I walked as much as I did yesterday.

I grabbed a shower and headed out at noon. It was to be a short day out as I was hoping to spend some time with my grandparents. My first goal was to get to the BC Pavilion, as I missed out on it yesterday. We’ll see where I go from there.

I felt a bit like a salmon, throwing myself voluntarily into the masses of people. Going upstream as it were…

As the bus rounded the corner, I realized I’d left my cell phone inside and I tromped back upstairs to get it. I returned to the street to wait for the next bus and hoped that it was not a sign of how the rest of the day was to play out.

Feist‘s “1-2-3-4” started playing on my MP3 player as the bus appeared at the corner as if to say “cheer up and don’t fret”, so I decided not to! What happens, happens.

The driver smiled at me as I got on board and I recognized her as the driver from my trip home last night. I’m always polite to my drivers, greeting them when I board and thank them when I exit, and I wondered if she remembered. I think it always pays to be nice, of only for your own sense of pride and karma.

On my way downtown we went past the park Stephen Colbert was doing his taping of the Colbert Show in. It was quite messy!

I exited the train at the Granville St. Station and made my way to the gallery. On the way there I spotted this really cute table of hats and mittens! Apparently they’re knitted in Nepal and are part of the Fair Trade movement. I also passed by the same totems as yesterday, and some rickshaws. The crowds were intense.

I arrived at the gallery and the line was extensive. Even longer than the day before! It went all the way back down the block to the Olympic countdown clock!

I spent about 40 minutes waiting and chatting on various topics with a Vancouverite in line with me. One bag search later, I was in!

I went straight to the 4th floor and started making my way through the pavilion. The Forest Room was so cool! There were neat light effects, fish projected on the floor that responded to movement and a mist veil you had to walk through to get to the next room. We are a coniferous rain forest after all!

Once through the veil, you’re given an option to go through to the Green Technology room or wait in line for a 3D movie! They showed a little 2D movie of sights around BC. There was a very tall “You must be this high to take this ride” but then on the wall across from it, it said:

The 3D movie was presented by and it took you through BC attractions using sound, vibration, wind and scents! At one time it smelled like wild flowers, and another time like pine. It was so cool!

The Green Technology room was a little meh. There was a cool thing where you could make your own e-postcard though and I did that. There was also a bus simulator, which kinda made me laugh. Whoo… green bus :P

I went into the Multimedia Room and it was so neat! There were touch screens everywhere, displaying work and technology created by BC companies. You interacted with the things on screen, making flowers appear on trees, making snowflakes disperse with your fingers, rifling through movie clips ala Minority Report style movements on the screen and even a huge painting screen! There was also a really cool mural projected on one side of the room, and light poles in the corners. I approved!

I headed back downstairs to gather the information about the art I liked yesterday. They are as follows:

Emily Carr ~ “Scorned as Timber, Beloved of the Sky”

Emily Carr ~ “Above the Gravel Pit”

Emily Carr ~ “The Little Pine”

Emily Carr ~ “Old Time Coast Village”

Brian Jungen ~ “Cetology”

E.J. Hughes ~ “Mount Cheam and the Fraser River”

Beautiful aren’t they? That “Cetology” was MASSIVE. it filled the ceiling of a 40′ x 40′ room!

I left the gallery and headed to the skytrain station again. On the other side of the gallery I discovered that they’d put up huge flower panels! Aren’t they beautiful?

I detoured to the Pacific Center. It’s Georgia St. entrance has been done up like a giant igloo! Outside, a girl was shellacking an ongoing art feature of polar bears on an iceberg.

Stepping in, I saw another sport viewing area set up (it was showing hockey at the time), as they are all over the city. This one was set up by Bell. Looking around I spotted a line, but couldn’t really see what it was for. Poking around a bit more, I peered around and saw an Olympic torch! People were holding it and having their pictures taken with it! It was very exciting. Of course I hopped in line and got pictures after waiting through the line.

I continued my trek back to the Granville St. Station, as I was aching all over, having not recovered from the day before and done a fair bit of foot travel today. I hadn’t eaten yet either, and I was tempted to go to the food court. It’s between the Bay Centre and the Pacific Centre, right underneath the street!

On the way there, I poked around inside the Bay Centre, checking out the Canada merchandise that’s not inside the Olympic Superstore, as well as the International merchandise. I love the designs on the Russian gear. It’s super pretty!

They also had some really good merchandise displays up in the regular store areas. I guess it’d be stupid not to with all those people. This particular set up was next to a TV showing the Olympics and across from a pair of chairs! Good resting place.

The line for the Superstore was ridiculous. I talked to a staff member and it’s pretty much always like this. They have cool stuff in there though, so I’ll have to try coming back later.

I made my way to the food court and consumed some Taco Time, and FINALLY headed home, amongst the crowded transit system.


Strawberry Cookies

That’s right. Strawberry cookies. Not cookies that taste like strawberries, but rather ones that look like them.

Last week I was making sugar cookies with my friend Tally, and I started using a strawberry shaped cookie cutter my mother gave to me years ago. Honestly I hadn’t used it before, as I wasn’t thrilled with the stem pieces, but I found that if I cut off the tiny little point of a stem, they could be really cute!

I iced these myself and I hope to make plenty more. Tally has a blog about her craft exploits and I recommend you visit it!

Strawberry Sugar Cookies, you have made the grade!

New Years Resolution

Do you have a tough time making and keeping new years resolutions? I know I do. These blogs and my updating are my resolution to myself. However, it appears I am also supposed to grow basil. Honestly that may be easier.

Click the pic to have Minina’s generator make you a resolution too!

New Years Resolution Generator you have made the grade!

Na naaa na na na na-na na na…

My fever broke! And I’m up and running again! Happy New Year everyone!

For Christmas this year, I received Katamari Forever from my in-laws.

I LOVE the Katamari franchise, and to date I own every Katamari game except for the one for the PSP (which is the only reason I would consider owning a PSP) and the Xbox360 (which should be rectified by the end of the day today).

For those of you unfamiliar with this line of games, the premise is fairly simple for every game. You are The Prince, son of The King and Queen of the Cosmos. The King is all knowing, but all bumbling and all buck passing to you. Whenever any crisis arrives, it’s up to you to solve the problem using your Katamari rolling skills (a Katamari being the sticky ball you push around that collects items relative to the size of your Katamari).

Each game has a variation of the theme, and each level is challenging, whether it’s theme items you need to pick up, or avoid, or collect other cousins (which allow you to change your character that is rolling the Katamari) or pick up presents (which allow you to customize your character). The music is fresh, and decidedly Asian with it’s quirky rhythms, but they match perfectly with the laid-back nature of the game.

Usually the goal is to collect enough items to make it to X size with Y amount of time. The levels I’ve always hated most are the Bear or Cow levels in which you need to collect the largest bear or cow possible. The problem with that is, as soon as you roll over ANYTHING bear or cow related, your time stops and your level completes. They hide things around ALL OVER that are bear or cow related. I was recently foiled by a cow patterned traffic pylon. Deviousness!

The game is fun, quirky and wholly Japanese. The original was designed after a school project at the Namco Digital Hollywood Game Laboratory (a sponsor school for game development) and was developed for under $1Mil after the in-class project was discovered by Namco. For more information, take a look at the Katamari Damacy wiki.

Being not native to Earth, the King will frequently misinterpret the purpose of items or functions of Earth things, leaving you confused but delighted and laughing at the same time.

In any case, For the hours and hours of fun you have provided Katamari, you have definitely made the grade.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I hope you had a great holiday :) I’m struggling to get over a cold, but in the meantime, I’m going to look at cute food! This cupcake (and many more) found on Flickr, which, lets face it, has everything! The picture originates from Oven Haven.

What did you get for Christmas?

Christmas cupcakes, you have made the grade!