Vancouver Olympics – Day 8

Well, this was my first day out in the city that I didn’t take any notes! Usually I do so, but I can blame Mr. A for being far too distracting and engaging and making it totally slip my mind.

Today was a lazy morning. After Grandma and I showered, we went to the SilverCity theatre at Metrotown. We try to catch a movie together each time I come out, and as Mr. A wasn’t due until later that day, this seemed like the perfect opportunity! We decided to see “When In Rome” for lack of a better choice. Overall I laughed a lot, though I had a hard time with Jon Header‘s acting (I can’t STAND his delivery… never could. I only watched Napoleon Dynamite on DVD at my sister’s insistence…) but I was pleasantly surprised at Lee Pace‘s cameo (I adored Pushing Daisies!). I won’t buy it on DVD but I still enjoyed the film overall. I don’t think Grandma was particularly thrilled though. You can read her review on her blog.

As we were leaving the theatre I called Mr. A on his cellphone but he didn’t pick up, so I texted him. I assumed he was driving, as his ferry would have come in shortly before. For those of you who don’t know, BC has recently introduced a ban on all cellphone and small device use in cars by the driver while driving. Sure enough, he pulled over and answered my text, telling me he’d be home shortly after we would be.

He showed up with coffee for Grandma and flowers for me. However, they became Grandma’s flowers for 2 reasons: they would have been impractical to take home and he always forgets I hate carnations. They were pink though, so I suppose he got PART of it right ;)

After getting settled, I had him try on the shirt and the hoodie I got him. The shirt was too big (their men’s sizing is a bit weird) but the hoodie fit perfectly, so we packed up the shirt and headed out to exchange it.

After waiting through the usual line, we got into the store. My friend Jon had instructed me to send him a postcard (he lives in Ireland right now) so I went to look for those and I sent Mr. A to see if any of the other men’s stuff in his size suited him.

Unfortunately Mr. A didn’t find anything he liked, so we decided to get a small pewter spoon for his mom’s collection and I picked up a few other trinkets, including a deck of cards and a luggage tag. The cards are so cute! They’ve got mascots everywhere!!

My grandmother had instructed me to look for the Olympic torch pin I’d seen the other day, but unfortunately they were sold out. The pin area was right next to the Coca-Cola section and he b-lined for the concession area. Little did we know that aside from the aluminum cans they have (in the shape of the traditional coke bottle) they also had classic glass bottled Coke! Mr. A bought one and had it cracked open immediately. He’s a bit of a nutter for Coke, and he couldn’t resist a glass bottle of it for the life of him.

Next we headed farther into town, looking to get a few shots of the Olympic Cauldron. As it was still light out (and I wanted night shots of the cauldron), we headed into a mall down on the waterfront which contained a food court. In that food court was a Ricky‘s Express (which I’d never seen before) and we decided to have a little dinner date while waiting for the sun to set. He ordered a cheddar bacon burger and I had a roast beef dinner.

We ate our dinners and before we left the mall, Mr. A wanted to get a coffee so we headed over to the Timmy‘s in the food court, and then headed out. Twilight was just finishing as we exited the mall, so the lighting was great. I wished that I’d had my tripod with me, but no such luck. It would have prevented all the blurry photos I took due to the extended exposures.

There was quite the crowd in front of the torch, but we wanted to get to the viewing platform. The line was extensive, but we only waited about 30 minutes or so to get through. Here are some shots from the stair way was had to go down in order to get in line.

On the way, there was an okay view of the rings that have been sitting in the bay.

When we got fartheron in the line we figured out why it was moving quickly. At the bottom of the line (once the torch was in view) Olympic staff were ordering people to keep moving, saying there were better views at the top but once you got to the top, they ordered you to keep moving because there were so many people behind! The whole POINT of the viewing area was so that people could get good clear shots of of the cauldron. It seems a little asinine to keep yelling at them when they just want a good photo and then to go.

After exiting the line and the cauldron area, we headed towards the Waterfront Skytrain station. I took a few more pictures on the way.

We passed by Canada Place, which has the sails everyone is seeing from their news broadcasts, and I got a picture of the Vancouver Convention Centre, which is playing host to most of the international broadcasting sets, including those for NBC and CTV.

From Canada Place it’s just a hop skip and a jump into Waterfront station. The last time I visited it, it was filled with people trying to get to Richmond. Maybe it was just the fact that it was night, but this time when I went in, there were no lines; there were still people, just not lined up like before. Not nearly as intense. Mr. A really liked some of the period features in this historical building so I snapped a few shots. The first is of the border that runs along the room, just below the ceiling and the second is of the old elevator dials above the ancient elevators.

We contemplated staying in town for the laser show at Robson Square, but I was pretty tired, and Mr. A was a little tuckered out from his day, so we headed back to my grandparent’s place. It was an early night (we got back around 8:30pm) but we all seemed to go to bed before 10:00pm.


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  1. grandma Said:

    What fabulous photos mary, i took one of the flame. Hope you don’t mind. Your blog is so professional looking, i wish mine was more so
    When you take your camera with you you get such interesting photos.
    I think I might even do to WordPress to see if i can use it. It would be an experience :>))
    Love you lots

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