Vancouver Olympics – Day 6

Day 6 was a day of rest for me. This day had laundry, computer work and grocery shopping! I know it seems like a slow day, but I always enjoy spending Saturdays with my grandparents. They’re nice relaxing days.

We first went out to Save-On-Foods located on Kingsway at Metrotown. We picked up the regular stuff for the house, but Grandma also let me get some broccoli and cheese stuffed chicken! I love that stuff so much!

Once we got home, Grandma wanted my help to set up a flickr account and to help her with a few things on her blog. Blogspot does NOT make it easy to link pictures within your posts. The only way (other than hosting your pictures on another site – unfortunately flickr does not allow direct linking) I could figure out how to do so was to steal the URL from uploaded photos through your “gadgets” and then embed it with a standard HTML img code. However, I don’t know if blogspot keeps these images archived if you remove the gadget. Hopefully I can figure out a more reliable method. Working with blogspot has only reinforced my love of WordPress!

After poking around for a few hours, while simultaneously watching Olympic events on television, we did up the chicken and the asparagus I brought earlier in the week for dinner. It was so delicious!

After dinner, Mr. A got in touch with me and told me he was going to come out on Monday! This was very unexpected as we hadn’t planned it, but he’d been reading my blog and couldn’t resist. He misses being in Vancouver almost as much as I do.

The night ended uneventfully, but that’s a good thing. A great relaxing day in the middle of my Olympic visit.


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