Vancouver Olympics – Day 5

Today I got up early and was in line for the Olympic Superstore by 8:00 am. It was just as long as, if not longer than, yesterday.

While waiting, I had the opportunity to see these guys on the street. You may or may not know who they are, but they are infamous in the NHL.

I also received a complementary map of the Vancouver downtown area and it’s attractions from someone handing them out walking down the line!

Anyway, back to the Superstore line…

I had express instructions that if they didn’t have the jacket that Mr. A wanted, I was to get a hockey sweater (the ones with the big turtlenecks). If there were no sweaters, I was to get a jersey.

They were sold out of all. They hadn’t received any stock the night before :( I got a black Canada hoodie and a long sleeved t-shirt and I hope Mr A will be satisfied.

My feet were so fatigued, and it was pretty much making me cry standing on them. I bee-lined home. I didn’t want to be out any longer than I had to. It was really nice heading home as there was hardly anyone on the Skytrain going eastbound!

I also saw these really cute Skytrain ads for the Olympics:

In case you’re wondering what skytrain is like, I took a few videos of my rides today, and some pictures of the views.

After I returned home I looked online for the scarf I was trying to find (they’re called the lumberjack design due to their plaid).

They were SO EXPENSIVE online. HBC stopped selling them a while ago online because of the demand in Vancouver, and when people buy them and try to sell them again it’s at least a 200% mark up. They’re $35.00 CAD before taxes in store and on eBay they’re selling for $70 plus $20 shipping, and over $100 on craigslist locally. I found listings for offers over $120! Totally outrageous.

Luckily I found someone who was “taking offers” on her scarf. The highest offer she’d received was $40 (her ad hadn’t been up long) so I agreed to meet her in Richmond and pay her $60. Honestly, if I’d bought it in store it’d be about $42 after taxes, and it was worth the extra $18 if only to not have to stand in line every day at 8:00am with the hopes that they MIGHT get some in stock, because there was no other way I was going to get one!

I headed back out of the house at 4:30 pm. The flowers outside are blooming in the gorgeous weather we’ve been having.

I head to Waterfront Skytrain Station to transfer to the new Canada Line Skytrain route. I haven’t taken it yet so I was quite excited to do so! It was absolutely bonkers in the station. You had to take a line outside, around the block and back into the building before you were able to go downstairs to the ticket area and platform. It took about 30 minutes to do what would normally have taken 3 minutes. At least the view was nice, as part of the area they had us queueing was outside of Canada Place.

The trains were so crammed with people that I wasn’t able to take any pictures of the outside or inside! Hopefully I can take some on another trip. I met her and got my scarf and hopped back onto the train. It was just as busy going the opposite direction.

At one point, about half way back, a European couple got onto the train behind me and started talking in what I recognized as German. I know a little German so I asked (in German) if they were from Germany. They kind of gave a little start, but said “No, Switzerland” (in German) and asked if I knew much German. I replied (again in German) that I knew a little… very little.

The husband then said that it was quite unusual to find someone who spoke German out here. I know this because I had him repeat it in English. I explained that my grandmother was German (not the grandmother I’m staying with, but the other one). I then asked why they’d come all the way out for the games. They explained that they had 2 children in the Olympics as athletes! A son and daughter in the snowboarding half-pipe.

The people around us kinda perked up and said wow, congratulations, etc. One woman bedecked in Canadian gear turned and asked if we should wish them luck. I said immediately “Of course! Why not?”. There’s no point in being snide and not, especially to people from out of country! I said they must be very proud, but they had to exit the train at that point since we had reached the stop for the Olympic Village.

After returning home and looking up the Swiss team, identifying who the siblings were, I found out I’d been speaking to Mr and Mrs Haller, parents of Christian and Ursina Haller. Pretty exciting! Christian finished 17th in his half-pipe competition and Ursina finished 13th in hers.

Later, after transferring back to the Expo line to return home, I was jostled into 2 of the Czech Republic team members. I wondered where they were going, but they did not disembark before I did, so I never had the opportunity to find out.

Though I know these athletes are not Hollywood celebrities, for these 2.5 weeks of games, they are famous in their own right. It’s kind of fun to be brushing elbows with them and their families.


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  1. grandma Said:

    Mary, you have 113 already too. Fun isn’ t it.
    I left a comment on my blog in reply to yours but what do you mean linking and can you do that from there?
    love you

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