Olympics 2010

Vancouver. My surrogate home city. I. Am. So. EXCITED!

I’m traveling to stay with my grandma and grandpa for about a week. During this time I’ll be taking in a number of the free venues. As such, my next few posts will deviate from the standard format, and rather will chronicle my trip.

I have a handful of merchendice items, including the famous red mittens, a grey “CANADA” hoodie, a woolen Canada toque and an umbrella.

Did any of you watch the opening show yesterday? It was great! Mr. A and I are going to be getting the commemorative DVDs available through pre-order from CTV of the Olympics, because he wants them. I wish I’d known about stuff like that before. I’d have totally gotten the 2008 games in China. Their opening and closing ceremonies were absolutely amazing. Ours weren’t QUITE as good, but they were still quite good :)

My favourite part I think was the whale bit (if prompted with which program to use to watch this video, use Quick Time). It was a 2D projection on the stadium floor, using hidden spouts to make water spray, making it 3D as well. KD Lang’s performance at the end of Hallelujah was amazing as well. I have to admit I cringed when we had the torch malfunction >_< For more great moments, visit Mahalo which has great clips from the NBC broadcast.

Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games, you have made the grade!


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