The Dangers of Fabric Stores

I may not seem it, but I’m not as sewing obsessed as these posts may indicate. That said, walking into a fabric store is outrageously dangerous.

I’m in Vancouver visiting my family for the holidays and I’m spending the majority of my time at my grandparent’s house. My grandmother (whom I’m named after) and I get along amazingly well.

She’s an avid knitter and quilter. Today she had to travel to her favourite fabric store to pick up some thread for her latest project (an amazing fall coloured lap quilt).

I joined her on this forray and while we wandered around looking at the amazing choices for thread and patterend fabric, we decided that I should make an apron while I’m out visiting. It’s something I’ve been needing while I do all my baking this year.

While looking, we found this:

It is a fabric called “What A Hoot” by Camelot Cottons. Isn’t it adorable?

I did not end up choosing it as my fabric for my apron (which I may show off in future posts) but it certainly caught my attention.

“What a Hoot” you have made the grade!



  1. meringuefail Said:

    Yay! Apron for the win! Aprons for KT and me for our birthdays…

    • Miss M Said:

      KT and you will have to ask Grandma :) It’s her pattern…

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